Hydro Blasting and Demolition

Karico can assist with any Hydro Blasting and Demolition needs.

Our Story

By using high-pressure water pumps we can remove deteriorated and sound concrete as well as structural grouts. Our pumps vary from 350Bar to 2800Bar depending on the application.

This technology has gained popularity over the last few years and has become the Civil Engineers preferred method for surface preparation and sectional concrete demolition to existing structures.

Benefits of using Hydro Demolition Techniques include:

  • While removing unsound concrete the remaining surface will be rough and bondable.
  • Delaminated or Carbonated concrete can be removed, leaving the sound concrete undamaged.
  • Clean remaining reinforcing and removing of rust during demolition, ensuring a good bond between new concrete and reinforcing.
  • Conventional breakers cause vibrations on the reinforcing, which can undo the bond between the surrounding reinforcing and concrete
  • Conventional breakers can cause micro cracking in the surrounding concrete, which exposes the concrete to future corrosion.

Hydro Scarification

Ultra High Pressure water, used to remove the top surface of a concrete surface. Used to provide a good surface for bonding of new concrete or coatings or decontamination of existing structures.

Partial Depth Removal

This is the selective removal of deteriorated or damaged concrete to a certain depth. When restoring existing structures or repairing certain sections, this is used to remove the concrete up to a certain depth and to expose the reinforcing for bonding of new repair mortars or concrete.

Full Removal

Normally used for the complete removal of concrete sections while retaining the reinforcing of the structure. Can be used to completely expose the reinforcing of an existing structure to tie-in a new section/element into the existing structure, without compromising the reinforcing or the adjacent elements.

Hydro Cutting / Cold Cutting

At 2800Bar we can assist our clients to cold cut steel members. Normally used in industrial environments with highly explosive or flammable environments. Hydro cutting can be used to cut through steel pipes, steel beams and sheeting, without creating sparks or increasing the temperature of the element being cut.