Concrete Repair and Maintenace

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Karico uses different Methods to restore concrete elements, depending on the extend of the damage and the location of the affected area we can use Class R1 up to R4 mortars.

Our experienced teams are trained in these different methods which includes:

  • Recasting of concrete elements
  • Preparing and applying different repair mortars
  • Concrete/Mortar Spray applications
  • Complete replacement of structural elements

Ingress Protection

By treating the concrete surface Solvocore can assist with the protection of Ingress of adverse agents, such as moisture, chlorides, sulphates, and carbon dioxide into different structural concrete elements.

Our systems include:

  • Bandage Systems
  • Crack Repair and Filling Techniques
  • Different Coating Systems
  • Application of different Membranes
  • Impregnation of Structural Elements

Moisture Control

Karico uses different techniques to control the moisture in structural concrete elements to ensure the element is properly dried and to prevent moisture build up which can have adverse reaction on the concrete element such as Freeze-Thaw, Sulphate Attack or Alkali-Silica Reactions. In conjunction with our product suppliers we will ensure we find the best solution for each project.

Structural Strengthening

It is often required to increase the load bearing capacity of a structural concrete element. This can be due to deterioration of the element over time, physical damage caused be external factors or change in load requirements within the structure.

Depending on the site condition and the project requirements Solvocore will be able to assist with:

  • Carbon Fibre Strips (Fibre Reinforced Polymers)
  • Adding or Replacing of Reinforcing
  • Adding Concrete or Mortar
  • Crack Filling or Repairs

Physical Strengthening

To protect concrete surfaces from impact or abrasion, which can affect the structural performance or durability of a structure, Solvocore uses different protection systems to increase the concrete surface physical resistance.

This is done by using different coating systems, overlays or impregnation of the concrete surface.